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Whitefly are about

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

thanks to the mild autumn weather! They tend to settle in leafy veg (sprouting broccoli, kale etc) and are likely to persisit until we have a cold snap or some rain. Should you notice any just rinse the leaves with a little salty water. The veg should be fine!

To all OUNDLE Customers

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Please note that as from this week starting 24th October your weekly delivery will be on a Thursday (rather than a tuesday). You should therefore expect to receive your box this week on thursday 27th October and on a thursday thereafter. We really hope this won’t cause you any inconvenience. Warm wishes, Andrew, Rachel and the team.


Monday, October 17th, 2011

picked this week may be affected by slight soil splash. (When rain hits the ground soil particles can richochet up and splash the leaves). Just rinse away. The lettuce will be perfectly fine…

Would you like to adopt a pig?

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Or buy one? They come in various sizes and all have curley coats. All you need do is house and feed them and then we’ll split the proceeds when it come to the ..(well you know)… If you’re interested please contact Andrew at or phone 01205 724778 and ask for him there. Thanks

Biodynamic crops

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

now being harvested at Woodlands include squashes, celeriac and beetroot. Biodynamic crops carry the Demeter logo. Andrew’s just back from a west country visit of various Bd holdings including Ruskin Mill, Oaklands Park Farm and The Grange Camphill. Watch this space…